Network Policy

Keep in mind the following things:

The network policy is purposefully vague and ambiguous as to provide us comfortable working room:

  • Users may create and join any channel providing they fit within the rest of this policy
  • Nickname and Channel registration is first come first serve, however there is a drop policy
  • Off topic channels should be +s.
    • Off topic channels are those not related to the development/use of free and open source software.
    • Off-topic channels are allowed on the basis that they do not cause disruption to other network users and get minimal attention from OFTC staff
  • Illegal activity is strictly prohibited and offenders will be removed from the network without warning
  • Hate speech is not permitted.
  • Channel disputes are the channel’s problem, network staff will not get involved.
    • However a badly behaving user may quickly escalate to a network issue if they are subverting the ability for channel operators to maintain order.