What IRC servers can I connect to?

Please see the OFTC, it lists the servers and ports you should use.

Do not connect to individual servers, always let the DNS rotation pick one for you. This employs GeoDNS to take you to a server nearby. It also allows us to do load-balancing on servers and take out servers that will go down for maintenance.

What are “Services”?

On OFTC’s IRC network, in order to improve the user’s experience, we allow the use of a software package which is typically classed as “Services.” The systems included, and their uses, are: NickServ, which is responsible for nickname registration and user preferences; ChanServ, responsible for channel registration,control, and preferences.

Details are explained on the Services page. Please also see the frequently asked questions about Services.

What User Modes are available?

Please see User Modes for more information

What Channel Modes are available?

Please see Channel Modes for more information

Why am I port-scanned on connect?

To keep trojaned hosts away, we try to identify open proxies and similar services on connecting clients. Please just ignore connections from zombie-scan.oftc.net, the connects are harmless. (If you really don’t like them, use a firewall.)

Who are all these users with the host-mask nick.something.oftc.net?

  • <nick>.<role>.oftc.net is a Staff member, they have these masks to be easily identified as to what role they play. A complete explanation is available at Staff
  • <nick>.user.oftc.net is a user cloak. Please see UserCloaks for more information.

How can I sponsor a server or join the project’s staff?

OFTC’s survival depends on the generous contributions of server sponsors and volunteers. The current application form is located at Application.

What is OFTC’s IRC server naming scheme?

OFTC’s server naming scheme is “science terms, except people’s names”.