Channelmodes without Parameters

  • c - no color messages allowed
  • i - invite only
  • m - moderated
  • n - no external messages (from clients that are not on the channels)
  • p - protected, only channel ops can use /invite
  • s - secret, channel will not show up in /whois unless clients share the channel
  • t - only chanops may change Topic
  • z - messages that would otherwise be blocked (banned, quieted, channel moderation) go to channel operators (shown as <nick:@#channel> msg)
  • M - client may speak only when registered and identified to NickServ
  • R - client may join only when registered and identified to NickServ
  • S - client may join only when using SSL Connection

Channelmodes with Parameters

  • v <nick> - <nick> may speak even when channel is moderated
  • o <nick> - <nick> will get Operator status on the channel
  • l <limit> - channel is limited to <limit> people
  • k <key> - channel may only be joined when passing the appropriate key

Channelmodes that take Hostmasks as Parameters

  • b - ban this hostmask
  • q - quiet this hostmask. Anyone matching this hostmask will be unable to speak on the channel
  • e - exempt this hostmaks from bans, quiets and mode +R(egistered only)
  • I - clients matching this hostmask may join channel even when the channel is +i(nvite only) or +R(egistered only)

Order of Mode Checks

+i => +I => +b => +e

Exemption from +R

To allow a client to join a +R channel from which they would otherwise be blocked, use +I instead of +e.

Both work, but using +e for this purpose is to be considered deprecated. (Solanum uses +I, and using +e for this purpose won’t be added to it, so people should migrate to +I before we eventually migrate to Solanum.)