If you’d like to join staff please fill out the following application and return via mail and pgp signed to noc@oftc.net.

           Application for Sponsorship, Staff Role, or Promotion
                  on the Open and Free Technology Community

Please complete this form and return it to noc@oftc.net as a plain-text e-mail


Section 1: Important Information

Please be aware that all applications will be reviewed by the Network
Operations Committee and are subject to the NOC's approval or rejection. In
addition, all OFTC staff may be consulted on your application. OFTC reserves
the right to request further information from applicants before considering the
application. Your application will be kept as part of the network records and
OFTC reserves the right to confirm the veracity of any information received. 

If any member of the Network Operations Committee approves the application,
that member will present the application at the next meeting where the
application will be discussed. It will either be voted upon or deferred until a
later date.

In order to avoid favouritism and a bloated staff, only as many positions will
be filled as are required. As such, you may qualify for and deserve a position,
but may not be granted it. You will be notified if that is the case, and
remembered when any position opens.

If the application is accepted by a simple majority vote of the Network
Operations Committee, the applicant will be contacted by the Network Operations
Committee Chair at the earliest opportunity and will be provided with the
appropriate position guidelines.

Positions are not permanent and may be acquired or lost during the annual 
elections, or for various reasons between elections. All staff may vote in 
those elections and all staff are automatically entered to run for all roles, 
as explained in section 3 of OFTC's constitution, found at:


Please note that all staff members except for server sponsors are expected to 
attend monthly staff meetings, regardless of their roles. Attendance is taken
and staff members, or sponsors whose servers are not on line, for two meetings
in a row without notification may be asked to leave staff.

Rejected applications may not be responded to.

1. [ ] I have read and understand everything in this section.


Section 2: Identification
Privacy note: contact information will not be shared outside of OFTC's staff.

1. Full real name:
2. Common IRC nick (on OFTC):
3. My preferred e-mail address is:
4. I can be reached at (phone/beeper number(s)):
5. My mailing address is:
6. [ ] My nick is registered with OFTC's NickServ (since:   )
7. The following channels are registered in my name on OFTC (if applicable):


Section 3: Endorsements

In order for your application to be considered, it must be endorsed by
   a minimum of one general user, one general staff member, and one
   Network Operations Committee member.
1. Non-Staff user endorsement:
2. Non-NOC Staff endorsement:
3. NOC member endorsement:
4. Additional endorsements (list, if any):


Section 4: What I am applying for

If you wish to join the staff, you may apply to be either a Sponsor or
a Network Representative. 

If you are already on staff, you may apply for any role.

1. I am applying to become a:
   ( ) Sponsor
   ( ) Network Representative
   ( ) Network Operator
   ( ) Network Operations Committee member


Section 5: Roles

Section 5.1: SPONSOR

If you have server resources you wish to donate to OFTC, please fill out this
section. Keep in mind that while some things are mandatory, others are not.
Specifically, a server need not be dedicated wholly to OFTC in order for it to
be appreciated and useful.

1.  [ ] I understand that this role does not entitle me to any special
        privileges, such as an O-line. If I wish to apply for such a position,
        I will do so in a separate application.
2.  [ ] I understand and will abide by the Sponsor Guidelines found at
3.  [ ] I have legitimate administrative access to this server and have the
        right to offer this server's resources to OFTC.
4.  [ ] The server I am sponsoring can be accessed via SSH.
5.  [ ] I am willing to provide OFTC's Infrastructure department a
        user account with the name of "oftc" under which services not
        requiring root privileges will be run.
    Initial password for 'oftc' account for testing purposes:
6.  Server's geographical location (town, state/province, country):
7.  Server's IP address:
8.  Server hardware:
     o Processor type, speed, and number:
     o Amount of memory:
     o Amount of hard disk space available for use by OFTC:
     o Location of server (facility):
     o Type of server (e.g.: rack, desktop, etc.):
9.  Server connectivity:
     o Connection type:
     o Bandwidth available (average and peak):
     o Service provider:
10. Server software:
     o Operating system and version:
     o Mean time between upgrades:
11. Please list all the other uses of this server (e.g.: shell server, web
    server, etc.):

12. OFTC may run the following services from my server:
    [ ] IPv4
    [ ] IPv6
    [ ] IRC
    [ ] Mailing lists
    [ ] CVS
    [ ] News (NNTP)
    [ ] Web (for OFTC)
    [ ] Web (for projects)
    [ ] FTP (for OFTC)
    [ ] FTP (for projects)
    [ ] DNS
    [ ] SQL database
    [ ] Other (please specify):

13. [ ] This server would only be used by OFTC.
    13a. [ ] OFTC personnel may fully administer this box.

14. OFTC's naming scheme is "science terms, except people's names".
    Given this, I would like my server to be called (please list  
    alternatives, and if no preference, leave blank):

Section 5.2: NETREP

1. [ ] I understand and will abide by the Network Representative Guidelines
       found at https://www.oftc.net/Network_Representative/

Section 5.3: NETOP

1. [ ] I understand and will abide by the Network Operator Guidelines
       found at https://www.oftc.net/Network_Operator/

2. I am available to cover the network during the following hours:

Section 5.4: NOC

1. [ ] I am willing to attend weekly meetings and to be a benevolent
       and helpful member of the Open and Free Technology Community.

2. As a NOC member, this is the agenda I would pursue:


Section 6: General Information

1. [ ] I have been previously involved with the Open and Free Technology
       Community. If so, please list roles or explain involvement.

2. I am involved in the following Open Source or Free Software projects:

3. I want to be involved with OFTC as a Staff member because:

4. I speak the following languages fluently:


Section 7: Comments

1. I would like to add the following comments to my application:


Section 8: Signature

By submitting this application, I certify that all information in this
application is true and complete. I understand that lying on this application
may void my application and, if discovered later, my position within the

If you have a PGP or GPG key signature, please sign with it.


Please fill out and return as a plain-text e-mail attachment to:
The Open and Free Technology Community

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